The Best Sunscreens to Prevent Damage to the Skin

Some of the best anti-wrinkle creams are preventative in nature; if you are still relatively young, one of the best things you can do to ensure that you have beautiful skin as you age is to use one of the best sunscreens whenever you go out in the sun.

Even if you are not young, of course, the best sunscreens will also help prevent skin cancer and worsening of skin damage that you may have already been exposed to.

Most sun damage to the skin is caused by the sun’s UVA rays; they are responsible for many wrinkles and skin cancers. UVA rays break down collagen, which is a major component in healthy skin, and so the UVA rays cause skin damage.

What are the best sunscreens to use?

It is best to look for a sunscreen that has a high SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, number. The higher the number, the greater the protection the sunscreen provides. If you are an active person who engages in a lot of outdoor activities, it is also a good idea to find a sunscreen that will stay on and last a long time, even if you sweat or go swimming. In that case, you should check the labels for the terms waterproof or water-resistant.

Even so, nothing is really completely waterproof, so you must be sure to reapply your sunscreen. Just slathering it all over upon arrival at the beach is not enough.

Also, be careful when the sun is at it’s strongest – between noon and 3 pm. Serious damage to the skin can be caused if you allow yourself to be exposed for any length of time to strong sun conditions. As the saying goes “Only mad dogs and English men stay out in the noon day sun”

Even if you are not headed out for a day of outdoor fun in the sun, it is still important to wear sunscreen. Some of the best makeup and moisturizers now add sun block to their products line, so some of the best sunscreens may be those that protect you every single day, not just those special summer days of picnics and trips to the ocean.

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