Spa Glossary – A to Z

Know the difference amongst acupuncture and acupressure? How about Shiatsu and Watsu? The spa world is crammed with a dizzying collection of phrases and methods. Subsequent is a sample glossary, thanks to Spa Finder, to support spa-goers converse and recognize the lingo with simplicity.


Made use of to stimulate the move of strength in the entire body, acupressure is a conventional Chinese stress-stage massage.


Administered making use of needles, a reduced-voltage electrical existing, or acupressure, acupuncture is a traditional Chinese healing strategy based mostly on Taoist philosophy.

Human body Wrap

Organic human body wraps go over the client in a cocoon-like kind with strips of cloth soaked in natural teas. Sea mud human body wraps use mineral important-loaded mud to cleanse and hydrate the body.

Complementary medication

Contrary to alternative medicine which replaces regular therapies, complementary medication utilizes treatments and therapies in conjunction with classic medicine.

Place Spa

Property that focuses on enhancing one’s life style, maximizing wellbeing, and developing self-renewal in the corporation of other like-minded folks.

European Facial

A remedy that contains deep cleansing, steam, exfoliation, and a expert deal with therapeutic massage, followed by a mask that hydrates the pores and skin.


The buzzword that describes a worry with, or advertising of, environmentalism by means of recycling, generation of biogradable products, or lowering pollution.

Scorching Stone Remedy

A treatment in which darkish, sleek stones are heated in very hot drinking water and then placed or stroked lightly on crucial areas of the human body.


The Worldwide Spa Association, which represents all aspects of the spa business.

Lymph Drainage

A variety of therapeutic massage meant to stimulate circulation in the lymph method to drain away extra fluids and trapped poisons.

Health care Spa

These are destination or working day spas that provide classic and complementary medical services like beauty methods, diagnostic tests, and preventative care.

Natural and organic

Foods developed without having the use of chemicals of any sort, which include expansion hormones, pesticides, and fertilizers.


Created by Joseph Pilates, this is a human body conditioning plan that develops overall flexibility and energy by way of controlled actions and specially-intended work out equipment.

Qi Gong (or Chi Gung or Chi Kung)

A group of Chinese self-healing routines, the time period Qi Gong will come from qi (electricity) and gong (accomplishment that comes from follow). The exercise routines consist of simple actions, breathing, and psychological imagery to loosen up and fortify the physique and intellect.

Salt Glow

Applied to exfoliate and stimulate circulation, pores and skin is rubbed with coarse salt mixed with fragrant oils.


This therapeutic massage procedure formulated in Japan uses used pressure to precise body points to stimulate and unblock meridians, or pathways as a result of which vitality is said to flow.

Thai Therapeutic massage

With a shopper dressed in whole outfits, this therapy includes yoga-like stretching and tension-position massage to launch blocked strength, minimize rigidity, and increase awareness.

Vichy Shower

Meant to hydrate the body and enhance circulation, the Vichy shower was encouraged by treatment plans in the French thermal spa city. It includes a client lying beneath a spray of heat water established by a 5- to seven-head shower method.


This treatment achieves deep rest in the client via rhythmic movements and a pressure-point therapeutic massage administered by a therapist in a warm pool.


Aimed at self-advancement and self-realization, the bodily practice of yoga utilizes positions, deep respiratory, and meditation to extend and tone the system.


A school of Mahayana Buddhism that asserts enlightenment can be accomplished by meditation, self-contemplation, and instinct by concentrating on one’s crucial nature.

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