Kanhaiya Amla Powder

AMLA ( EMBLICA OFFICINALIS ) FOR Health and fitness AND Elegance

AMLA, proudly known as ‘Indian Gooseberry’ has been the important constituent of many Ayurvedic formulations. And at present, it has been recognized by practically all clinical branches as a outcome of substantial exploration carried at Germany, England, India, and different other international locations.

IN AYURVEDA, value of Amla has been ascertained from the experiments and experiences of ancient Rishi-Munis of India, particularly Charak, Chyavan, Atreya, Kartik, Vrat Koumudi, and lots of other folks. Amla is regarded a person of the strongest rejunevatives (rasayana), significantly for blood, bones, liver, heart and skin.

Supply OF Normal VITAMIN C : Amla is extremely loaded source of vitamin C and impressive anti-oxidant. 100 gm. of Amla incorporates about 700 mg. of vitamin C, which is thirty occasions the amount of money located in oranges.

VITAMIN C : Vitamin C is crucial for creating ‘Collagen’ in the overall body. Collagen delivers much of the framework in the mobile or tissues, just as the skeleton offers the framework for the body. Therefore, Vitamin C performs the vital purpose in growth and mend of tissues in ALL Parts of human overall body, and that’s why it is practical for treatment as properly as prevention of so several health conditions. It improves the all round immunity.
” When your immune technique is solid,
You get sick less generally, and recuperate swiftly.”

Potency OF AMLA : Investigation has demonstrated that Amla is 12 times a lot more assimilable and creates more powerful medicinal result than synthetic vitamin C, identified as Ascorbic acid. Scientists have also revealed that just 8.7 mg of normal vitamin C from Amla is equal to 100 mg of synthetic vitamin C. The artificial vitamin C is lacking vital vitamins this kind of as Rutin, Bioflavonoids and the “J” & “K” elements.

Modern SCIENCES: The modern day sciences also, have recognized the supremacy of Amla towards imparting health and fitness and beauty, because of to its extremely superior vitamin C content.

College OF CAMBRIDGE scientists, posted the end result of their research, centered on a one measurement of vitamin C in the blood of 19,496 individuals aged 45 to 79 condition that : as concentrations of vitamin C in blood plasma went up, the risk of dying from all leads to went down.

This report in the March 3, 2001 concern of ‘Lancet’ condition that the hazard of death from all results in which includes heart condition, minimize in half for folks who have best degrees of vitamin C in blood. In the results of Dr. Kay Tee Khaw, the high blood levels of vitamin C were involved with a diminished danger for most cancers.

AN ANTIOXIDANT : Oxidation is elimination of electrons from the molecular oxygen and to convert it to an lively kind referred to as as ‘oxidant’. It has a tendency to get electrons and hurt most cell constructions by releasing DNA detrimental free radicals. The Vitamin C in Amla is a effectively-regarded antioxidant, which is ready to inactivate DNA-harming totally free radicals, by releasing oxygen electrons. Consequently vitamin C in Amla prevents the irregular expansion of cells in all areas of human body.

H.L.NEWBOLD, in his guide “VITAMIN C From Cancer”, has interviewed 4 Noble Prize Winner researchers, and professors from some of the world’s best-acknowledged healthcare centers. He reviews the hottest conclusions about vitamin C as a promising new weapon in the struggle versus most cancers- not only for procedure, but also for prevention. Number of strains concerning the covers of his reserve have been quoted down below:

…. (Nobel Prize Winner) Dr. Linus Pauling and Ewan Cameron started an experiment with 1100 terminally ill most cancers people. The effects: the 100 patients taking vitamin C experienced lived four occasions as long as 1000 control sufferers who obtained no included vitamin C.

…. cholesterol is damaged down and eliminated as bile acids. Vitamin C is advantageous to heart sufferers.

…Mr. Cameron reported that in terminally ill cancer patients taken care of with vitamin C : not only their lives extended, but also the high-quality of their life was significantly enhanced throughout the time they did are living. This independence from soreness was most crucial for terminally sick cancer individuals.

…We (human beings) are not able to make our individual vitamin C.
…just one must not wait around for the software of vitamin C until eventually one will get ill. We should just take it all the time.

…like oxygen and drinking water, vitamin C is an indispensable component of the lifestyle of just about every residing creature on this world.

PHARMACOLOGICAL Qualities: Amla is not only a superb antioxidant, but it has confirmed anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-mutagenic, yeast inhibiting, nematicidal, anabolic, anti-hepatoxic, anti-hyperhidrosis, anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic, anti-spasmodic, hypolipidemic, and hypotensive relieving qualities. It also functions as an antacid and anti-tumorganic agent. In addition, it increases protein synthesis and so handy in scenarios of hypoglycemia.

PREVENTIVE AND IMMUNITY Boosting, ANTI-Growing older Utilizes OF Wellness Food stuff : AMLA POWDER – Well being

1. Cough, Bronchitis, Bronchial asthma, Intermittent fevers

2. Hyperacidity, Bilious vomiting, Gastritis

3. Ulcer, Jaundice, Hepatitis

4. Hemoglobin, Crimson blood cell count, Anemia

5. Cholesterol, Hypertension, Cardiac conditions

6. Diabetic issues

7. Ophthalmopathy, Cataract

8. Rheumatism, Osteoarthritis

9. Diarrhea, Dysentery

10. Gonorrhea, Spermatorrhea,

11. Sexual rejuvenation

12. Scurvy, Bleeding gums

13. Cancer

14. HIV

15. Weighty steel poisoning

PREVENTIVE AND IMMUNITY Improving, ANTI-Ageing Works by using OF Health and fitness Food stuff : AMLA POWDER – Magnificence

1. Untimely graying and hair decline

2. Skin illnesses, wrinkles on pores and skin

3. Being overweight

4. Anti-ageing

Advised DOSES : Every day ingestion of dietary vitamin C
(In accordance to U.S. RDA), are mentioned underneath :

Infants age underneath 1 yr : 30 to 35 mg

Little ones age 1 to 14 years : 40 to 50 mg

Adolescent age 15 to 18 yrs : 65 to 75 mg

Guys age about 18 yrs : 90 mg

Females age above 18 several years : 75 mg

In accordance with previously mentioned chart, as a Health and fitness Food items & Most effective Dietary Health supplement, about one teaspoonfull of vitamin c loaded, high-quality Amla Powder is adequate for boosting general immune process. Each day doses of powder can be adjusted with the age.

As we cannot make our possess vitamin C, and the overall body excretes any extra of the exact same, the common ingestion of herbal Amla Fruit Powder is really advised for all the individuals.

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